Katz Staffing LLC was created to assist organizations recruit top talent at a very reduced cost!! Our Fee Structure is based on the markup going down as the salary goes up freeing up additional budget to hire additional headcount! Companies need to recoup money and get back to getting their product in the marketplace and staffing fee's can hurt that growth. Katz Staffing has brought together the industries Top Recruiters in the Entertainment, Aerospace/Defense, Commercial Electronics, EV and Industrial industries
Proven Over 50 years of successful technical contingent staffing industry experience in business development, sales, training and recruiting in the High Tech Industry. Recruiting for companies that worked in the Entertainment, Commercial, and Aerospace/Defense industries and achieving high savings in recruiting fee's (costs) for clients. Over the past 20+ years, have worked with and placed (Technical/Construction) talent from Director level to Engineering for prestigious companies like Universal Studios (Domestic/International), Disney Resorts & Walt Disney Imagineering (Domestic/International), SeaWorld, The Attractions Services, WET Design, Kuvera Partners, Scenario, TECHNIFEX, American Dream, Six Flags, Oceaneering, DISH, DirecTV, Herschend Family Entertainment, Photon Controls, The Aerospace Corp, Skurka, Sensata, Tesla, SpaceX, Air Electro, L3, CPI to name a few.
Open to discuss creative ways to help save clients money on staffing fee's.

2022 and 2023 Katz Staffing LLC (Steven Katz) Entertainment Staffing CEO of the Year Award Winner

(North America)-CEO Monthly